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Book Discussion Questions & Classroom Activities
 1. Discuss the differences in society in the year 1943 compared to today.  2. Compare the value of $375,000 in 1943 to today’s value.  3. Teachers and administrators at South High School gave a great deal of extra time to helping       the students with the “Buy a Bomber” campaign. Would Arthur get the same reaction and     support from a Civics teacher today as he did back in 1943? Why or why not?  4. Do you think a government sponsored War Bond fund drive to purchase military equipment     for current military actions work today? Why or why not?  5. Students in the Class of 1943 raised an extraordinary amount of money without the Internet,     computers or television. Assuming the commitment and purpose was there, what would a group     of students in today’s classrooms or any organization or have to do to raise $375,000?      6. What kind of reaction would your neighborhood have if a plane crashed near your home?     Would they pull together or would it cause discourse?  7. A few people in Meadows of Dan, Virginia helped the injured pilots at great expense to     themselves and their families. Do you think Americans today would sacrifice as much?  8. Research your town’s history to see if any business, organization, nearby city or school      participated in one of the WWII War Bond Drives.  9. Do Americans today have the same national awareness they did back then? 10. Has twenty-four hour news caused us to be jaded about threats to our nation? 11. What did YOUR community or business or school do to help in the war effort back in the 1940’s?       a. Did they sell War Bonds or War Defense Stamps?       b. Did they apply sales to purchase of military equipment? If so, what and how much?       c. How did they achieve their goal? 12. How did WWII affect your school or local schools?        a. Teacher’s ability to teach?        b. Classroom assignments & supplies? 13. What was your city’s monthly quota for War Bond Sales? Did they meet their quota each month?       How was this accomplished? 14. Interview and record the stories of elderly citizens who remember the war, not just Veterans. 15. Research how STUDENTS/KIDS have made a difference in other wars or other world events.                                                                                                                                 *Read the companion middle-grade Historical fiction, SHE STARTED IT ALL, and discuss how the author  wove facts through the fiction.                                                                                                                                    © 2018 Sandra Warren