Arlie the Alligator
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Arlie the Alligator on CD  Follows the story word-for-word. Fully produced with actors, sound effects and music.         
 Arlie the Alligator A Story and Picture Book for Kids Ages 4 to 8 A song book too!                Written by Sandra Warren * Music by Deborah Bel Pfleger                                      Illustrated by Ozzy Esha    Arlie is a curious alligator who longs to make friends with the    strange creatures at the beach. Can you help Arlie?    Will you be his friend? Four catchy tunes are interwoven to     make this story come alive.                                                
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 Arlie the Alligator  Mp3 download Follows story book word for word Four delightful, catchy tunes Read and sing along with Arlie
For Educators & Homeschool Teachers    Arlie the Alligator Communication Activity Guide Full Theatrical Script Sheet Music Full Reader’s Theatre Script 45 pages of classroom activities keyed K-6+ Enhances reading and literature skills Enlarges vocabulary Four delightful, catchy tunes Open-ended to encourage creative thinking Communication theme Used as a story - great for ages 4-8+ Used as a theatrical production - Great for all ages
    Have FUN with Arlie!
Primary Coloring Work Sheet
Additional classroom activities found in:  
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Picture Book (Paperback)
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FREE Sheet Music Download Arlie the Alligator Theme Song      For Piano & Guitar
Additional Sheet Music and full Theatrical Script             with production ideas found in the    Arlie the Alligator Communication Guide
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      Arlie the Alligator Ebook               Kindle Version      *Contains text & song lyrics ONLY         
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Story & Songs on DVD With music and follow along text! Includes Bonus Extras: * Stimulate creative thinking * Build Vocabulary * Learn about alligators * Craft projects * Classroom ideas
Arlie the Alligator on DVD
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